Welcome to the Duru Çanta innovation world! We are proud to be always first in the cloth bag sector we have been shaping for years.
Experience of 22 Years With combining our experience and the latest technologies we became
the leader of producing environment friendly raw cloth bags.
Custom Printed for Your Brand Raw Tote Bags Quality printing options and affordable raw cloth bags according to your needs
We are proud to be the first choice of our customers.
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Cloth Seed Infused Bag With the protect the environment motto we achieved a first and started
the production of our patented seed infused cloth bags.
Not use and dispose, use and plant!
Magnetic Cloth Bag We produce patented magnetic cloth bags so we don’t
forget to bring it with us when we are going for shopping.
Say goodbye to forgetting and losing your market bag!
Quality and Printing
With our cloth bags produced using high quality materials
we provide the best price and printing quality.

With our professional team, latest model machine power and experiences we have gained over the years we work to give you the best service. We produce cloth bags which are completely environment friendly in every colour and model.

You can get more details about the cloth bags you choose by communicating us through our phone number or e-mail. We guarantee that we will make you satisfied from ordering process to delivery by keeping you updated.

You can check out our environment friendly raw cloth bag, tela bag, canvas & gabardine bag, patented seed infused cloth bag and magnetic cloth bag which we produce to give you high quality service.

Turkey’s biggest brands chose us for their cloth bags. We are proud to be working together with these brands which contribute to our country. We all are working to leave behind us a better world by using cloth bags.

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