Product Details

Foldable Bag 02

Raw Cloth, Rips, Canvas & Gabardine, Nonwoven, impertex
Color options (+Pantone)
100% Recyclable
Screen printing + Offset printing + Digital printing

Bag Handles can be made short or long


Foldable tote bags are a very advantageous product to use in your shopping. Since it is made of thin fabric, it can be easily folded and made as small as a wallet. Thanks to their functional and ergonomic structure, they can be small enough to fit in your pocket. Thanks to the foldable cloth bag, you can both make your shopping easier and contribute to nature by reducing the use of plastic bags. Since the space it takes is almost the same as a wallet, you can throw it in your bag, and you can use the foldable cloth bag by opening it immediately when you need it. Raw cloth, rips, canvas & We are at your service for your foldable cloth bag orders, which can be produced in many fabric types such as gabardine, nonwoven, impertex. You can contact us to get information about the quantity and product.